The Who Show Brings Out Loyal WHO Fans! Dec 11th 2010.

THE WHO SHOW …WAY beyond tribute!

Packed House at River Palms Casino Resort

When I came into the 2700 club at The River Palms Casino for sound check, coming in from backstage at 1st seemed normal, the stage was big and looked pro made, walking up the side stage steps I looked out to the seating area and was taken back to what looked like a large Bingo, Conference Room lit up by fluorescent lighting, holding my snare drum in my right hand, and a bass drum in the other, I thought were am I, Fargo! Walking over to the drum riser to put some of my stuff down, I then walked to the edge of the stage looking around as I always do checking out the room…That’s when I seen threw all the 60s style drop ceilings, papered walls and blue rug flooring, to emerge was racks of stage lights and hi-tec lasers, I then notice smoke machines and the disco ball hanging was pretty cool to.
All right then, back to setting up my drums, thinking this actually looks like it’s going to be a cool venue to play… And it was, the casino crew came in and set this place up just right, with the  fluorescent lights out, and the awesome lit stage back drop… this place was ready to rock, AND IT DID TO A PACKED HOUSE! … At intermission I ask the head sound guy, who was over seeing sound at sister club The Tropicana, right down the block, how the crowd was, with another Tribute Band, he simply said you guys are rocking and have more people in the house!… Well I call them fans, but it was good to know THE WHO SHOW Tribute Band to The Who, with a packed audience was the highlight for a night in town!.
France DiCarlo,
Keith Moon


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