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THE WHO SHOW Reviews (The Test Of Time)

The Who Tribute Band

The Who Show! The Longest Running, Established And Loved Who Tribute Band in The World!!!

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Reviewer: Models Motors and Music
Venue: Models Motors and Music
Location: Santa Barbara, Ventura, Hollywood and Marina del Rey
Date: 2007-02-18
The WHO SHOW is a GREAT tribute band!! That’s why I’ve featured them 5 times on my TV show “Models Motors and Music” and I have enough material for at least two more shows. Their production of “QUAD”. the stage production of Quadrophenia, is a musical and visual masterpiece that should not be missed. Darren Lolk personifies Pete Townsend, who is undoubtedly one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. France di Carlo is the reincarnation of Keith Moon, and that opinion was expressed by Roger Daltrey.
QUAD also features the outstanding talents of Stephen Shareaux, Zoltan Teglas and Michael Ubaldini.
I’d lke to express my gratitude to Producers Bill Schultz and Bill Aucoin and Director Peter Uribe for bringing this show to life. Even if you’ve seen it on TV you’ve got to see it in person.

Reviewer: eric domini
Venue: paladinos
Location: Tarzana, CA
Date: 2002-05-10
Okay, I drove to this show thinking how let down I was going to be, given that I’ve seen the Who several times(I won’t give away my age) and I consider myself a skeptical critic with a cynical eye for detail. Simply put, THIS BAND IS JUST LIKE SEEING THE WHO. How else can I say it? -Eric Domini

Reviewer: Jackie
Venue: TCs Bar
Location: Huntington Bch, Ca
Date: 2002-03-09
Any “true” Who fan out there knows that this is one band not easily mimicked.I have to say that The Who Show has done there homework.Their choice of material was perfect and their delivery excellent. I was especially impressed with France(keith).Moon was one of rocks most prolific drummers and France has done him justice. Please see this band if the oportunity comes your way…LONG LIVE ROCK!!!

Reviewer: Jason
Venue: U.S. Motorcycle Jamboree
Location: Tulare County Fairgrounds, Ca
Date: 2002-05-26
Once again “The Who Sho” put on another great show!!! And just the other day I was watching VH1 when a 1966 video of “My Generation” by “The Who” came on and I was amazed when I realized that Keith Moon is actually still alive and his name is now France DiCarlo the drummer for “The Who Show”. All kidding aside it was incredible and spooky how well France has the Keith Moon style down pact every single move, and he even looks just like him. Any way enough about France, I don’t want it to get to his head (ha ha ha). “The Who Show” is like watching “The Who” in their prime. They are playing every Thursday at Johnny Fox’s in West L.A. I suggest you check them out and I’m sure you will have a great time.

Reviewer: Mark W. Bender
Venue: Crossroads Concert Bar
Location: Yucaipa, California
Date: 2002-02-22
This band captures the complete essence of “The Who”. Be sure to check this band out the next time they place in your area.

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Reviewer: Jason
Venue: Crossroads Concert Bar
Location: Yucaipa, Ca
Date: 2002-02-22
These guys are phenominal musicians. They recreate “The Who” with heart stopping accuracy. From the drum fills to the vocals and even the swinging microphone of Roger Daltry and the super charged arm movements of Pete Townsend. “The Who Show” not only sounds just like the Legendary “Who” but also have the energetic stage show prescence. All of you “Who” fans out their this is a must show to see, you will not be dissapointed.

Reviewer: ANTNE BASS
Location: New York
Date: 0000-00-00
Hey all you people out there I have known France for 25 years and played in a couple of different bands with him if you have or never have seen keith moon play drums GO SEE THE WHO SHOW!! You will not believe your ears.this is a band that is not kidding around.THEY WILL BLOW YOU AWAY. LONG LIVE ROCK…..antne bas

Reviewer: Terry Ian Minihan
Venue: Johnny Foxxs and others
Location: West L.A.
Date: 0000-00-00
Not only do these guys have their show honed to a razor’s edge, they are all highly talented and a pleasure to work with. I work for Sticky Fingers and occasionally others in the tribute world around L.A., and the acts that are constantly working are the ones that put everything into the show, every time. “The Who Show” does just that and more. Fully pro and fully cool. I look forward to seeing them and/or working together again in the near future. You should too.

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Reviewer: Melissa DiCarlo
Location: New York
Date: 0000-00-00
I have not had the oppurtunity to see The Who Show as of yet, but I am France’s daughter and have been listening to him play just like Keith Moon for the past 26 years. I am psyched to read that so many of you enjoyed what I have heard my entire life. I look forward to seeing The Who Show as soon as I can make it out to Cali !!!

Reviewer: Shannon
Venue: Brick By Brick
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 2002-08-23
I’ve been a Who fan for most of my life (over 20 years), and wasn’t sure how I felt about a Who Tribute band. I have no problem accepting other Tribute bands, i.e. the Beatles, the Doors, etc. But The Who mean so much to me, I was afraid my standards would be WAY to high to accept anyone else playing their music. I was so impressed by how The Who Show sounds AND looks! You don’t just mimic the stereotypical Who trademarks like Roger’s swinging microphone and Pete’s windmill and jumps. You completely captured “Roger’s” stances ~ and his amazing voice, the way “Pete” cradles his guitar, and “Moon’s” playfulness. Although I must say “John” was a bit excited and couldn’t help jumping around a bit. 😉 I’ll be bringing friends next time I see you!

Reviewer: Eric
Venue: House Of Blues
Location: Hollywood, CA
Date: 2002-07-20
Friggin’ awesome. I saw these guys at their first private showcase, a couple of times after that, and then most recently at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard. They are fantastic. Right down to the HiWatt amps, swinging microphones, guitar smashing, and everything else you’d expect from The Who. Their repertoire is massive, and goes through The Who’s early years through their maturity as one of Rock’s most influential live and recorded bands.

Reviewer: jerry russell
Venue: house of blues
Location: hollywood
Date: 2002-07-20
These guys are friggin awesome. The drummer has Kieth Moon down to a tee. I have seen them several times now, but they were at their absolute best at the House of Blues

Venue: Palladinos
Location: Reseda
Date: 2002-07-03
It’s great to see these guys getting a following, they deserve it. The venue was packed with fans fresh from the REAL Who concert a few days prior, loving every minute of ‘the Who Show’….again, unbelievably talented guys (and girl!)

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Reviewer: Sandy
Venue: 14 Below
Location: Santa Monica,CA
Date: 2002-06-07
The Who Show has got to be one of the best tribute bands out there right now, and believe me working at Paladinos, I’ve see a lot of tribute bands! These guys are amazing! They capture the very essence of the who! They are a powerful, tight, and percise! You have got to see them! All the members are very talented and hard hitting and sound just like the Who! Trurly a great time will be had for everyone who sees them!

Reviewer: jerry russell
Venue: paladinos
Location: tarzana, ca
Date: 2002-05-10
These guys are awesome. I was blown away after seeing their show and will be sure to catch them again soon. This show is a MUST for any WHO fan!!

Reviewer: Judi
Venue: The Pala Casino
Location: Pala Resort Spa and Casino
Date: 2005-08-13
Greetings Guys, I have to tell you that your recent show at The Pala Casino Resort %26 Spa was amazing. Lights, Camera, Action you guys hit it right on the nose, over the top %26 exactly like the who. From all of your moves, to your sound, looks, costume changes to audience participation with Magic Bus, Pinball Wizard %26 Teenage Wasteland! I can’t wait to see you at The Grove for The Tribute to Quadraphenia!!!!!!! You are The Best Tribute Showcase Act I have Ever SEen, not just as a who tribute, but all around ! Hope to see you At The Canyon Club ! Thanks Keep Up the HArd Work, it shows ! Sincerely, judi

Reviewer: SoHo
Venue: SoHo
Location: 1221 State St. Santa Barbara, CA
Date: 2005-05-21
Greetings Who Show: I have to tell you I am a huge Who Fan. I was at the SoHo this weekend and what a show you put on. All of you are identical to the real Who in talent, looks and moves. I was blown away by the portrayal of each member and the way that you recreated things the real members of the who did during certail songs. You really go way beyond tribute. One more thing, the singer is hot, he has the looks, vocal ability %26 the golden locks to portray one of the hottest lead singers ever. Thaks for a great time sarah hope to see your next show!

Reviewer: Jerry Russell
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Date: 0000-00-00
The show at the Hard Rock Cafe was an AMAZING JOURNEY. The KIDS WERE ALRIGHT and SPARKS flew from the minute they took the stage. I GOT FOOLED AGAIN when I heard SUBSTITUTE, because on that song, I just CAN’T EXPLAIN, they F***ing rocked the house. LONG LIVE ROCK, boys, you haven’t let me down yet!!!!!

Reviewer: JHerry Russell
Venue: 705
Location: Hermosa Beach
Date: 2003-07-16
I have been a fan of these guys since I first saw them. Wednesday night’s show at the 705 proved that they just keep getting better and better. They f***ing ROCK !!!

Reviewer: Heath
Venue: Peoria Riverfront Stage
Location: Peoria, Illinois
Date: 2003-08-15
I’ve seen “The Who” twice, and The Who Show was just like seeing them again!! They put on an amazing show. I have been skeptical of tribute bands as I have seen some bad ones, The Who Show was incredible!! Their set mixed in early 60’s songs with many of the hits of the 70’s (and You Better, You Bet from Face Dances). Their show made me feel as though I was watching The Who at Leeds, Woodstock and the shows taped for the Kids Are Alright. I cannot say enough great things about them. I can only hope they come back to Peoria!!

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Reviewer: Drew Powers
Venue: The Lighthouse Cafe
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: 2003-07-01
Amazing!!! I saw The Who Show in Hermosa Beach and I was blown away. Musically, these guys are right on. All five members are talented musicians and can play these songs note-for-note. I’ll say the same for the performance. Each has the mannerisms of their alter-ego mastered. Having seen The Who live this past summer in Chicago and through the 3 DVDs I own of past live performances, I can say without any reservation that these guys are the real thing– as good as the original. What a great way to cap off my vacation in Cali! This show is a must-see for any fan of The Who. Can’t wait to see The Who Show in Peoria in August!!!

Reviewer: John Rice
Venue: 705 Club
Location: Hermosa Beach, Ca.
Date: 2003-05-21
The WHO SHOW ? – This is what I can explain Born and raised in london during the 60’s, Pete Townshend is the reason I fell in love with Rock’n’Roll. The who saw me through a lot a troubled and exilerating times and Quadrophenia stills sounds like it was recorded a fortnight ago. I regard myself as one of the the Who’s sternest critics and know practically every lyric by heart. The Who Show stole my heart all over again. Their chemistry is qualified through the uncanny sound-a-like and edgy, exciting visual show that is ‘THE WHO’ – In short you feel like it’s your own personal band all over again – Just go and see them period.

Reviewer: Bill Jerram
Venue: Labor Day Festival
Location: Hermosa Beach, CA
Date: 2002-09-01
My friends and I were hanging around drinking a few beers and enjoying the weather at Hennesey’s and there had been tribute bands earlier in the day (Beatles, who were good, and in Sgt. Pepper’s uniforms). But we were blown away by the Who Show. I’m the biggest Who fan out of my four friends, and they ALL were very impressed, as was I, which surprised me. I’m usually pretty picky about that stuff. And yes, the Keith Moon and Pete Townsend are really great, but the most impressive thing to me was the Roger Daltry. His voice was amazing and a DEAD RINGER for Roger – if not more powerful than the original. Every little nuance of the vocals (“when I say I love you say you BETTAH!”) was right on – and i’m not even a huge Roger fan to begin with (Pete’s my man). And his scream at the end of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” actually (and you won’t believe me if you’re just reading this) SURPASSED the original! Yes, that classic monster scream surpassed. This guy deserves some serious recognition. Was belting it out for almost 3 hours – amazing. Anyway, the whole show is awesome, they took Quadrophenia requests from the crowd, had the programmed keyboard parts for Baba O’Reily, played obscure and popular favorites, and really kicked butt. I’m a bigger Beatles fan than Who, but you guys blew doors that day and made mincemeat out of those other tribute bands! I’d see you again in a heartbeat. Thanks for keeping one of the best live rock and roll shows ever alive, even if Pete and Roger are still at it.

Reviewer: Patricia
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: 0000-00-00
Wish they would come to Chicago! There are plenty of places where they can exhibit their talent. How about the HOB?

Reviewer: Tucker
Venue: The Roadhouse
Location: Sacramento, Ca
Date: 0000-00-00
Saw the show. One of the greatest if not THE greatest I’ve seen, and I’ve seen quite a few. I saw the original, with this group I actually flashed back 30 years.

Reviewer: WhoMom
Venue: The Grove of Anaheim-Quadrophe
Location: Anaheim California
Date: 2005-11-19
What an awesome show tonight! I loved it!! What a great opportunity that was. I would love to thank the director/producer in person. I really think Pete would have given an enthusiastic thumbs up. The music sounded great. The actor that played Jimmy was fantastic!! France was just incredible on the drums. Darren is such a talented guitar player and he really does it just right (he even has a cute butt like Pete!). Joey is really great too. Did I say how wonderful Mike Bisch was? I really enjoyed meeting the boys afterwards.

Reviewer: Anita Grillo
Location: La Quinta ca.
Date: 2005-11-17
All I can say is you guys are really GREAT!! and sooo intertaining!! And I am soo proud to say Joe Grillo is my brother!!! Can’t wait for your big show at the grove this weekend!!!! Anita Grillo

Reviewer: Penny Lane
Venue: The Canyon Club
Location: Agoura Hills, CA
Date: 2005-11-03
I love these guys, believe me. If you’re wondering…which Who tribute should I see…DUH SEE THE WHO SHOW!!!! Trust me you’ll never see a Townsend tribute play so hard that he bleeds on his strings. That’s dedication to me.

Reviewer: Lady T
Venue: Pala Casino %26 DiPizza
Location: Pala and Long Beach, California
Date: 2005-04-15
I love the Who Show; one of my favorite bands that performs in the Southern California area. The Who Show captures the inner essence that was The Who!..Also, they put one one hell of a show.. I highly recommend that you check out this incredible tribute band; it is a MUST if you are in the LA area. You Will NOT Be Disappointed!!!

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Reviewer: larry
Location: long beach
Date: 2005-10-08
The Who Show Frickin Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: kristi
Location: long beach
Date: 2005-10-08
I loved the show.It was the most amazing show ever.Joe was the perfect Daltry.I would like to see this band travel and do show’s all over the country.

Reviewer: Nancy
Venue: The Blue Cafe
Location: 210 N. Promenade, Long Beach, CA
Date 2005-10-08
Well, I have to say, I have never seen a Who Tribute! Now I will never want to see anyone else besides The Who Show. The Who Show made my whole night! These guys are hot, talented, nice, personable %26 professional. Every ounce of The Who Show is a complete replica of The Who. From the music of the 60’s to the hits of the 80’s. WOW, WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW THESE FOUR GUYS PUT ON. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING %26 SEEING THE WHO SHOW AGAIN! WHAT A BODY ON MR. DALTREY, WHOEVER HE IS-THE FRONTMAN SINGER OF THE WHO SHOW! DON’T KNOW WHERE HE CAME FROM, BUT HE LOOKED GREAT %26 SOUNDED GREAT AS WELL. EXCELLENT LUNGS ON THIS MAN! THE REST OF THE BAND WAS IN SHAPE AS WELL. WOULD HAVE LIKE TO HAVE SEEN ALL OF THEM WITH THEIR SHIRTS OFF. HOPEFULLY NEXT TIME!!!! THERE YOU GO ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR MAKING MY WEEKEND SO OUT OF CONTROL, GREAT ENTERTAINMENT, ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN…………

Reviewer: Jami Patrick
Venue: The Blue Cafe Restaurant %26 Lou
Location: 210 N. Promenade, Long Beach, CA
Date: 2005-10-08
Hey I caught the show at The Blue Cafe Sat nite, F***ing incredable that’s all I can say ! Thank you’ JAMI Reviewer: martin lombardi
Venue: blue cafe
Location: long beach
Date: 2005-10-08
The best Peter Townshend I have ever seen and everybody else in the band was great too. All in all the best Who-I have to admit I was in heaven. I will definitely follow this band from now on.

Reviewer: Mandy Farrington
Venue: Blue Cafe
Location: Long Beach, CA
Date: 2005-10-08
The Who Show tribute band played a solid hour set at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach Saturday night. It’s hard to imagine The Who experience (of the ’70’s at least) reduced to a stage so small that one-third of it is occupied by the drum kit, but these guys do an excellent job. For one thing, the volume of their set was a nice fit to the venue. The English accents affected by the band are a cute addition, and you truly feel they are worthy “substitutes for the evening.” In proper fashion, the set started with Can’t Explain and Substitute. I noticed the lack of My Generation, but enjoyed Darren’s (Pete) Sparks-like intro to Bargain. Quad is my favorite Who album and I thought the selections from it were extremely well performed, especially Punk Meets Godfather. And there was a pleasant, without being overdone, nod toward the requisite anthems. Jokes about “button songs” and other banter between the guys were welcome additions as well. Nice reminders of the self-effacing personalities the original band has evolved over the years [when Pete’s not busy with his pompous proselytizing]. (Lightning strike me down now for that blasphemy!) I first noticed you guys at Mile 21 of the 2004 LA Marathon, and though Mike and I have exchanged a few emails, this was my first full show. Congrats on your growth. Love the new website. I have to admit, though, when I first saw still pix of Darren/Pete and France/Keith, I thought, no. This can’t work. I take it all back after seeing you live. I got the sense France was having to hold back a bit at this venue, but his drumming was still marvelous. He certainly captures Moon as the wide-eyed (not too) innocent clown we all want to remember. Darren’s playing rivals Pete’s, at least in the variety of styles (oop-another lightning strike), but doesn’t take us too far away from the original in his Pete-ly timed jumps, birdman’s, and snide expressions. A joy to see and hear how much fun he looks like he’s having. Fair play to ye! Joey/Roger. Sorry all, of course the women have to spend some time here. I think you’re a better vocalist than Mr. Daltrey, and perhaps more meat of a man. (That’s my third lightning strike, so the rest of this little diatribe is being completed by the blackened crisp of the former me.) But watch the shape of the mane, as we’re walking that dangerously thin line toward David Lee Roth which can’t be attractive to many Who fans. Part of what attracts the base of the Who cult is the fallibility of the original band and how they have begun to feel familiar. So the harder reaches for you, Joey (like in Sea and Sand) actually come off closer to Rog to my ear. Not that I’d want you to end up hoarse, but it’s all in approximations. Mike/John, it was lovely to finally meet you. I hope next time we can sit down for a chat. You do some amazing bass work and provide the musical glue. I bet the Ox was sorry he wrote My Wife so high. You sounded a hell of a lot better than him (okay, now there’s just a soot stain where I once sat) in The Royal Albert Hall concert. Not sure if you did it in the original key, but it came off good. Long Live Rock and thanks so much for being my substitutes!!

Reviewer: Bill Kilpatrick
Venue: Avalon Theatre
Location: North Hollywood
Date: 2006-03-10
Darren, Mike, France, %26 Joey: sorry this took so long for me to get to ~ just wanted to tell you how much fun I had playing acoustic guitar %26 banjo in “Quad” with you at S.I.R. and The Avalon. You guys are THE tribute band to The Who. Having been there from the start with “Magic Bus”, “My Generation”, and so on, hearing your version of their music was a fun blast to the past for me. Thanks for letting me play with you guys ~ hope I get to do it again! All the best, Bill Kilpatrick

Reviewer: john Rice
Venue: Avalon Theatre
Location: Hollywood
Date: 2006-03-10
Here’s my “Quad” review appearing in the April issue of the Brit national newspaper “Union Jack”: “Love Reign O’er Me” echoed around the Avalon Theater last Friday night when Executive Producer Bill Schultz presented a sold-out performance of “QUAD” (, a stunning treatment of Pete Townshend’s musical diamond “Quadrophenia”. Stephen Shareaux portrayed Jimmy, the disillusioned mod, with passion, style and vocal power to match Shepherd’s Bush sheet-metal worker-turned-Who vocalist Roger Daltrey. The Who Show, The west coast’s only Who tribute band, provided a faithful, dynamic musical backdrop with power, skill, and stylish flair scarily similar to the ‘orrible ‘oo’. Check the band’s live schedule at

Venue: The Avalon
Location: Hollywood, CA
Date: 2006-03-10
I saw the Quad show at the Avalon in Hollywood and was genuinely moved. The entire production far surpassed this jaded LA dweller’s expectations. First off, Pete Townshend’s emotionally and spiritually charged material hasn’t lost any of it’s poignancy. It is as deeply stirring today as it was when it was written in the early 1970s. I’m happy to report that Mr. Townshend’s compositions were delivered with the respect they deserve, which has not always been the case with shows of this kind. There was no trying to “update” the sound as we’ve seen in movies like Backbeat, where someone thought it might be a good idea to have the popular rock bands of the day performing songs the Beatles played in a more “current” style. Having the Who Show tribute band perform the music, rather than an array of hired guns insured that the songs would be played in the style of the originals. Thank God. I applaud the band members for their commitment to reproducing the Who’s sound as faithfully as they did. They are accomplished musicians and have done their homework. Being a Who fan from way back, I found the care with which every aspect of the production was executed to be refreshing. The direction was outstanding. The lighting and use of video were particularly impressive and the sets were excellent as well. All of the actors and dancers were well cast and did a wonderful job. The lead, Stephen Shareaux, delivered a compelling performance. He acted well and his vocals were remarkable. He captured Roger Daltry’s passion and range surprisingly well. The Punk/Ace character played by Zoli Teglas also stood out. A fine rock singer… who also sounded like Daltry. Jimmy’s dad (Dustin Officer) was another who really delivered the goods. Camille Driscoll who played the girlfriend, had a lovely elegance about her. It would have been nice if her character had been developed a bit more, like in the Quadrophenia movie. The production was obviously a labor of love, which really showed. It was a powerful and inspiring piece of theater. If I were asked to repectfully give any contructive critisicm on the show, there would really only be one thing worth mentioning. In my humble opinion, the finale – Love Reign O’er Me, would have been much more effective if Mr. Shareaux had remained in character and simply sung the song, rather than switching into Rock Concert mode and pumping up the audience (shouting things like “Come on people, let’s hear it for love!”) at the end. Doing that may have gotten some cheers from the audience, but it jarred me right out of the mood that the rest of the song had set up so beautifully. It wasn’t Jimmy the mod singing his heart out anymore, it was Stephen the rock singer working the crowd for a bigger response. Breaking character and doing a rave up kind of thing might have worked on an encore rocker like My Generation… but on a highly moving, spiritual piece like Love Reign O’er Me, it was a distraction. It was time to make ’em cry, not make ’em cheer. The people will cheer after they’ve been moved to their souls… and Mr. Shareaux, singing Townshend’s song as Jimmy – the tortured youth, has the ability/opportunity to move people to their souls….a rave up isn’t needed. In closing, I’d like to say that Quad was truly something special. Especially today – when mediocrity is exalted, and excellence often seems to be a forgotten concept… it is a rare thing to find see a show that is truly exceptional. Thank you to all who were involved for giving us something with intelligence, artistic integrity and spiritual and emotional depth.

Reviewer: Brian Weinhart
Venue: Avalon
Location: Hollywood
Date: 2006-03-10
What a great show! Fantastic. This needs to go on the road. I would definately see it again!

Reviewer: Joyce McGirr
Venue: ..”Quadrophenia..”
Location: The Grove in Anaheim
Date: 2005-11-18
I was at a four hour rehearsal with this fabulous band prior to the show and then flew out again with my husband to see and hear them in the first staged “Quadrophenia”. I think I just about went out of my mind watching this production. It was incredible! Darren, a la Pete, was awesome! Not only is he a fabulous musician on guitar, he is also a great singer and actor – and gorgeous! I was in awe of his performance. Mike wowed us with his beautiful bass playing and his very expressive eyes. France is unbelievable on drums. He’s always on and makes everyone feel so much a part of the show. And Joey sang his heart out and looked fantastic. Glad he got to come out in the center walkway and do his thing. He had us rockin’! Peter on keyboards is a terrific musician. Although we never saw him on stage, I met him in rehearsal and know that his musical knowledge and talent brought much to all in the performance. The band was to me the heart of the show and it was so obvious that all the guys had a great feel for the music, the drama, and each other. They were tight as musicians and were obviously enjoying every minute of their performance. This production with such a fabulous band and great cast was Broadway quality. I congratulate Peter Uribe for his brilliant vision and execution of the show and thank Bill Schultz for believing in this production. It needs to come to New York City. There are so many great theaters here and a very large Who following. Everyone I have talked to said they love The Who and would go to see “Quadrophenia” or for that matter The “Who Tribute Show.” So come on guys! In the meantime, I am still filled with the excitement of the music of the band. I thank each and everyone of you for your musicianship and for your including me in your music lives. I had a blast and can’t wait to be with you again and be a part of your music!

Reviewer: Peter Reilich
Location: No Ho
Date: 2006-01-03
Hey people! France, you’ve really turned this site into a great place. luv the videos %26 pics. I just wanted to use this spot to say how buzzed I am over the groovy crowds that came out for these two successful shows. Y’all rocked! Like I was telling the guys, this music needs loud, rockin, concert hall sized crowds to complete the full effect, nothing worse than an audience sitting quietly and clapping after you’ve just burned out an arena-rock power anthem. I’ve played many 70s-arena-rock shows in the past, but honestly had more fun than ever playing The Who Show, having a great time pretending to be Rabbit. woo, hoo! friggin great audiences on those shows. cool , thanks Bill %26 Bill %26 the cast %26 crew and guys in the band. Rock on! peace, love – Pete Reilich, Keyboardist, The Who Show

Reviewer: Penny
Venue: The Grove of Anaheim
Location: Tribute to Quadrophenia-The Grove of Anaheim !
Date: 2005-11-19
You guys were BRILLANT..I was so impressed..and The Who Show was beyond incredible!!! I just LOVED IT !!! I loved the show so much, that I was dancing in my seat. I was having a a lot of fun… The Who Show was amazing, the actors were amazing, and I especially loved the dancers…Bravo..

Reviewer: Johanna
Venue: The Grove of Anaheim-Tribute t
Location: The Grove of Anaheim
Date: 2005-11-19
I am so proud of you The Who Show-Way Beyond Tribute to The Who. A Tribute to Quadrophenia was so great! I am so tired %26 my throat is sore from cheering on The Who Show. In my opinion, the show was really a showcase for The Who Show. I tried to imagine if I had gone to this play-A Tribute to Quadrophenia, not knowing the band The Who Show %26 then seeing %26 hearing you, I would have been totally blown away. Mike…f**king awesome. Darren, you were on fire as usual, but this time it was an 11! France, I am sure every last person there at The Grove, had to be extremely impressed. Joey gave it his heart %26 soul and put on a great show. Ahhh…I just love The Who Show!!

Reviewer: Mandy
Venue: The Grove of Anaheim
Location: A Tribute To Quadrophenia-Anaheim California
Date: 2005-11-19
The Saturday night show – I brought the whole family (my sons are 15 and 13). I thought it was absolutely brilliant!! My very favorite Who song is “Drowned.” I’ve spent a lot of time figuring this out, because if I meet The Who in heaven %26 they ask me what one song I want to hear, I’m not going to mumble around and come up with “Barbara Ann.” I was thrilled that you sang that one, Joey/ AKA Roger. From “Drowned” forward, The Who Show played with such energy they truly seemed possessed. Joey/AKA Roger, I thought was very gracious in sharing the vocal time with the actors. I imagine it was tough, but Joey certainly didn’t let that come across. Mike/AKA THE OX, sounded really good. Especially on 5:15 %26 the harmonies sounded great. Don’t even get me started on that French horn… 😉 Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage! Darren/ Aka Pete, The wagging ass %26 smashing a guitar, Wow! I loved the bridge into “See Me.” %26 everything! Jeez, he’s possessed by Pete %26 Pete ain’t even dead. France/AKA The Loon Moon, wasn’t holding back this time, he was brilliant. Wow–I have never seen Keith in the flesh. Till I saw France of The Who Show. I liked the actors as well. My 13-year-old was particularly taken with the Ace character. I thought the presentation was very well thought out, the fight scenes wonderfully choreographed. The pianist? That was a nice–and vital–touch. All in all a perfect evening for us. Thanks for finishing with My Gen, Joey/ AKA Roger. I felt like I was really with The Who! Thank you so much for a fantastic evening!

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