The Who Show

Happy New Year

The Who Show is Blessed … We ALL are to of made it past these Horrible last couple of years. The Who Show Truly is sadden to ALL that did not make it out of the the nightmare as i call it…We Truly hope YOU and your family and loved ones get back up and put the past behind you and help ones that need a helping hand… I ask Our Lord to Bless my band and give us the opportunity  to stay healthy and strong and to keep putting us ON STAGE… We do this cause we make all that come to see us happy and feel good… The Who always accomplished that gold and us as a Who Tribute Band is to pull off the same thing… YES we Love what we do but our main gold is to make the folks that take the time out of their day to come and see us leave happy and good about themselves…So GOD BLESS YOU ALL Stay Safe and and again i truly ask our Lord to keep us Healthy and to keep putting us on that stage.

Thank You France DiCarlo as Keith Moon