Tribute Bands

Tribute Bands

Tribute Bands are a way of emulating past and present bands in a way that is more accessible to common audiences. There may be times when a certain band no longer tours due to loss of members. Or sometime due to their age affecting their abilities to perform in the manner that they once were able to. Tribute Bands are a way to bring back those memories to audiences that wish to relive specific eras of music. The Who Show; for example, pays tribute to the English rock band formed in 1964, The Who. With the passing of Keith Moon and John Entwistle, the influential band of the 20th century is not what it is today.

The Who Show

The Who Show brings back the glory days by replicating the band that they once were. Tribute Bands are a time honored tradition that focuses on recreating the persona of particular bands. They do this by mimicking the dress styles, vocal timbre, and musical repertoire in a way that reflects the core of the original’s intentions. There may have been a time where such bands did not tour in certain regions and it is the Tribute Bands intention to bring their music to areas that many can have the chance to enjoy. While focusing on staying true to the original band, The Who Show will be a mainstay in helping those relive the music of one the greatest rock bands to ever exist.

The Who Show is the most believable Tribute Band in the world! Join the  amazing Tribute to The Who. See them live performing The Who’s Greatest Hits along with their hugely successful rock operas.

Therefore, you can experience Real Rock Talent, Looks, Energy and The Who’s Authentic Stage Instruments, Amps and Drums. 

The Who Show nails Roger Daltrey’s Microphone Twirling Stage Presence. Also in the band is the worlds greatest  John Entwistle impersonator. The Who Show is also your best chance to relive Keith Moon and Pete Townsend on Fire.

The World’s Greatest Tribute Band, to The Who…A Multimedia Experience Never to Forget.

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Until then…. Rock on!