Jim KENNELLY as John Entwistle

Born in a Northern California small town. Isolated on a ranch, my earliest musical influences came form an 8-track tape deck filled with rock music legends. Drawn to the bass playing of John Entwistle the powerful music of The Who helped shape my musical core.

After attending college as, a bass music major. Enlisted in the military as a bass
guitarist, where I attended the military school of music. During my career, was able to travel and share my love of music. And it was while serving, honing my skills I became enamored with the early bassist, mainly the ones that had influenced John Entwistle. Recently, after completing my military career, I was given the opportunity to join The Who Show a tribute band and I feel that all my years of bass playing have finally paid off. This is a chance for me to pay tribute to The Who and help recreate one of the greatest Rock Bands of all time. I look forward to performing this great music with The Who Show.

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